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In fact, it became the most talked about scene in the movie , among western audiences, since anime and animated depictions of nudity were relatively new at that time. Referenced in Ice Bound It lasts for a few seconds before several clones of Stumpy flush all the toilets they can find and the water runs out, forcing her to cut her shower short. Later on, more Hilarity Ensues when Asuna and Makie are getting Negi cleaned up in a girl's locker room, and have to hide him when Class Representative Ayaka , fellow student Natsumi and Hot Teacher Shizuna enter Makie shouldn't have tempted fate with her loud thinking. More suds were used for girl-Ace and Brooke's scene, for which Brooke was grateful due to her insecurity about her breasts. He's rather questioning of this. Contrary to the usual Girls Behind Bars trope, the women are rather unshapely. Forbidden World has two female leads taking a shower together for no apparent reason while a killer mutant alien is stalking the base. If you thought the original series' Joe was Mr.
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Added to the mix is the fact that Kabuto was apparently in the room the whole time. But let's just say it's not really the best moment for the fans to be happy In Girl Genius Zeetha takes a shower on the same page that Violetta and Agatha can be seen bathing while they are at the Immortal Library. Florence showers with her clothes still on, as her outfit was just as dirty as she was and she was fatigued from the day's ordeal. Lexx had a few, sometimes including frontal nudity depending on what country you were in. Considering that he's the main villain of the series at that point, and his generally high levels of creepy, it's really creepy. In the movie, after D returns Lamika to Count Magnus Lee's castle there's a brief scene in Doris Lang's house where she takes a shower. Arachnophobia has a female secondary character taking a shower, not noticing a poisonous spider crawling around in the shower with her. Given that everyone's rugged up in combat gear, it's more than enough — the protagonist who's been a soldier for the past ten years just gives a quiet, "Good lord, you're beautiful" at the sight. The Friend in the Black Market says it's not enough, but as he's a young man he could use it to buy
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Shower Scene

A scene with Zev on the Lexx with Stanley watching. Turned out it was actually R. Madison's shower scene in Heavy Rain. How Much Have You Seen? Christmas Ranch Mary Evans. Barbie Doll Anatomy averted completely. Magnificent Century features rather a lot of bathing. Creates a bit of Fridge Logic if not outright Plot Hole in that the water is perfectly clean, even though it was stated and shown repeatedly that all water turns to blood during the Dark Hour.
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Description:Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS has one involving nearly all the trainees, minus Erio who had to wait for his turn outside. Casey did have a shower scene but remained more or less fully clothed because he was in medical distress no fanservice for the ladies A soft drink commercial from the late 90s featured an especially gratuitous one of these that didn't involve an actual shower: It's notable that every private dwelling in the comic, right down to affordable one-person apartments, seems to have a shower large enough to hold three people in comfort. Desperate Struggle , the Save Point is a toilet when you're playing as Travis. The Spy Who Loved Me. Modern Prodigal second unit director post-production. During a manga story arc in which Kouji and the other main characters were trying to sneak in Baron Ashura's submarine base, Ashura decided to have a shower.

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